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The Story

The “War on Terror” is the PERFECT war for governments. Why? Because nobody really knows who the enemy is and the war NEVER ends!

Why do I care?

You should care because every time a bomb explodes, or a plane crashes, politicians immediately call it an “act of terror” and almost immediately, new laws are put in place that take away more of our freedoms.

Who cares about freedoms, at least I’m safe!

Actually, no, that’s not how it works. It took us hundreds, if not thousands of years to get the freedoms most of us enjoy in the “free” world. To have them taken away every time a bomb goes off, means that, pretty soon, we may lose thousands of years of hard earned laws.

Government wants?

Great for changing laws without due process.

Corporations want?

Lot-so-money to be made!

People want?

People hate it, just want to live their lives.

Where the Mainstream Media normally gets it wrong?

They just take what the government tells them without questioning the motives, why we are in the war in the first place, what we hope to achieve, who’s benefiting from the war, etc.

Underground Network Take – What to look for when there is an “act of war?”

Look for your government to suddenly enact new laws to “address this issue” which will take away even more of your freedoms, usually whisked through congress without much discussion, because to question the law is to be “unpatriotic!”