Part of Bird’s Eye View

What is it?

Small government, pro corporations, pro privatization of everything, pro austerity.  It’s the transfer of stuff we all own (in the public sector) to ownership by corporations. The word itself comes from the idea of “Free Markets”, free from regulations, etc.

Why do I care?

Because it’s destroying the world around you. (See links below)

Additional information:

The International Monetary Fund has been going into countries, loaning them money and forcing the countries to adopt strict neoliberal rules in exchange for the money. The result? Massive poverty, increasing gap between the rich and the poor, decreased GDP, and no way for most of the countries to get out from under their crushing debt loads.

But, guess what?

Even the IMF says neoliberalism doing the opposite of what it’s touted to do.

And another article by the IMF saying it’s not working.