Bird’s Eye View

A Bird's Eye View

The bird is the word! Here are some of the things going in the world - but presented in a manner not seen on the idiot box.


here is a lot of confusing stuff going on in the world, and the mainstream media doesn't always get it right. But never fear, the Underground Network crew is here! We're distilling it down to bite-sized chunks so that you understand what's really going on. Or at least sound intelligent at that next [insert presidential candidate name] rally!

We are filling in this information as we speak, so be patient. If you have some ideas, send us a message.


War on Terror

War forever


The pitchforks are coming!


There never seems to be enough of it.*

*Unless you are a bank or the military.

War on Drugs

Like the War on Terror, but with drugs.

War Profiteering

Making money the old fashioned way - Start a War!


They're bombin.. oh look at that shiny thing over there!

Endless Wars

What are they good for?


GMOs - Genetically Modified Organisms


Doing good!*

*But not always in the eyes of the media

The EU (European Union)

The concept of "One World" sounds good on paper, but...


Or lack thereof!

Corp. = Gov't

Corporate influence control over gov't.


See "Free Trade"


Britain voting to leave the European Union (NOT EUROPE - Europe's been around far longer than the EU!)


Neo.. what?

Learn what it is and how it's destroying your world.*

*Even the International Monetary Fund thinks it's a disaster.

Free Trade

What's good for business is good for the people*

*Except when it's not!

Global Warming


You know, that inconvenient thing.


See "Free Trade"

Word Distortions

Falsification of concepts through word distortions


The secret code-word for "too much democracy"

Far Left

The secret code-word for "You are a whacko if you subscribe to these views" (See Far-Right)

Primarily used in the Europe, not really used in the United States.

In the United States, Socialist (re: Communist) is used.


Bad bad bad... people should not be allowed to vote for themselves!


Secret code word for: Communist. And we all know how BADDD Communists are!

Also known as people who believe in free education, free healthcare, free roads.. but again, we all know where those lead! Straight to Communism!


Nationalism is a bit xenophobic, but people wanting sovereingty are being bunched in with this group to shut them up.

Far Right

Code word for: an extremely conservative WHACKO. If you subscribe to their views you are also a whacko.