Part of Bird’s Eye View

What is it?

It’s the European Union, the coming together of different European countries to all be ruled by the same set of rules (and rulers).

People thought it would be a great way to stop future wars from happening, plus it would make conducting business that much easier for corporations.

What is the problem?

The problem is that countries had to give up their ability to rule themselves, in exchange for being ruled by officials not elected directly by them. In other words, they gave up their own democracies to be part of this overall union.

And the problem with this approach is that the European Union is becoming just another United States with lobbyists spending tons of money to influence these officials and the laws they are creating, and government policy is ultimately being dictated by the European Central bank who’s only interest seems to be to keep interest rates low (negative in some instances) while not even thinking about unemployment, at all.

As a result, the European Union has some of the highest unemployment, especially among young people, than anywhere else in the world:unemployment

Look at the other countries by comparison, Nigeria, Iran!