Warren Buffett states that Greece would not have a debt problem if its currency was its own Drachma. If you disagree with him, remember, he is a LOT richer than you will EVER be – BECAUSE he understands how money works.

Until everyone wakes up to how money works for countries that have their own currency – like the United States foe example – we will forever be putting ourselves through hell for no reason.  Plus, once people understand this, there will be mad rush to getting off of this failed EURO experiment, and back to sovereignty, that can only happen when a country has its own currency.

I start to go into how money works in this article over here, but will go into more details over the next few articles. It’s actually very simple, but most people just don’t understand it yet.  And the reason why they don’t understand it?  Because there are people that profit from that lack of understanding.  Sounds conspiratorial?  Check out this New York Times article.

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