At first read this sounds great that the European Parliament is calling for intervention in the Ukraine crisis, they must love democracy, right?

Here is a tweet by @YourAnonNews:

But the followup tweet by @funwithcarl says it all:

It’s ironic because the European Parliament doesn’t give a sh*t about the people already in the EU who are currently protesting:

The EU has a double standard, support those protesters in a country yet to join the EU, but completely ignore the dismantling of democracy in countries like Greece, Italy and Spain where the people protest peacefully against the barbaric austerity measures that are destroying their countries.

All the EU cares about is getting more countries to give up their sovereignty by giving up their currency, so that the unelected “leaders” in Brussels can then go in and rape the countries of their natural and industrial resources.  It’s modern day colonialism happening right before our eyes, and most people don’t even realize that that’s exactly what’s going on.

If you want to conquer a country, you don’t have to do it with weapons and bombs, all it takes is control of their money supply, and voila, the country and its resources are now yours. Thank you very much!

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