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It’s a big deal.

This article is a complete failure. It tries to equate the US National Debt with high student debt, going so far as to say the increasing national debt will cause salaries to decrease by 2042! This is complete hogwash. In fact, the national debt should go higher as it could then help bring student debt lower. The two are at most, inversely related.

This is another example of a writer not understanding how the economy works. Oh, and the organization that the writer belongs to that is funding her job, is the Peterson Foundation which:

focuses on raising public awareness about the need for long-term fiscal sustainability related to federal deficits, entitlement programs, health care and tax policy and supporting the development of policy solutions to these challenges.

OK, got it. It’s an organization that is actually against government supported education because it would add to the overall government debt.

Source: Voices: College students should be very worried about the national debt. Here’s why. | Opinion News for College Students | USA TODAY College

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