Do You Believe You Can Change Your Destiny?

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Yes, we can….How so?

It is believed in the Yoruba African Tradition that our ORI (our inner head) selects our Destiny even before being born and coming to Earth. In the process of leaving Heaven, choices are presented to our ORI, and it is ORI that picks the path of life that suits it divine purpose. In this sense, our ORI becomes our personality, our wisdom, our conscence, before being born, that we will never again know or understand if one doesn’t reach within self. We ourselves have chosen our own fortune, be it good or bad.

The Sacred IFA ODU OTUA RATE tells us:

To hold fast to our religion and our traditions, because if we pray and make sacrifice according to the divine scripture provided for mankind by Olodumare (God In Yoruba), some of the choices that are hopeless, and displeasing could change for better results, and happier outcome.

It is Orunmila (Known as IFA the great Diviner) and all the Irunmoles (Called Orisas) who have the power and the authority given to them by Olodumare (God) to grant our prayers and accept our sacrifices.

Which is called the “Power Of Good Orisas” because in everything in life their is good and not so good.(Yang/Ying)

By: Chief Iya Lodo Ogun of Ife

Author of “Journey’s to Ile-Ife, Nigeria: May own personal story”

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