Kevin Gosztola over at Firedoglake obtained a document the NSA sent home with its employees to tell them what to say when their relatives slam them over Thanksgiving dinner for working for a piece of shit agency in the government that is violating all of our rights daily.

Key points in the document are that the NSA is STILL lying about things, even after admitting that they lied, for example, the statement that the NSA programs

helped to understand and disrupt 54 terrorist events since 9/11

which has been debunked by NSA’s own Deputy Directer John Inglis during the August Senate Hearings.  The complete shredding of all American’s Constitutional rights might have contributed some information regarding 1 terrorist plot!

Also that the

NSA performs its missions the right way – lawful, complaint

Ah, yeah right.. not even close, again as admitted by the NSA itself.

And, I like this one,

NSA does not and will not steal industry secrets in order to give U.S. companies a competitive advantage.

Also debunked by the Guardian last week.

This document almost seems too good to be true.

You can read the talking points below, and read Kevin Gosztola’s article where he further debunks even more of the document.

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