Corporate profits are the highest they’ve ever been in relation to GDP, and the stock market has hit the highest level EVER,  yet world economies are being destroyed. Hmmm I wonder why that is?

Via Jared Bernstein
Worker’s Compensation vs. Corp. Profits – Via Jared Bernstein

What this means is this:

The key point remains that even at less than one percent growth, stagnant real wages, and a sharp decline in the compensation share, corporate profits have more than recovered.  Clearly, these corporations are selling into emerging markets, tapping productivity gains without hiring, and trading financial instruments.  Nothing inherently wrong with that, unless it’s the only thing that going right in this economy.  Which it kinda is. Jared Bernstein

That article was written a couple years back and the numbers have only gotten even higher for corporations since then.  Makes for an interesting read, along with another article written by Bernstein which, together, make for some great observations of the economies we currently find ourselves in.

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