ICANN is about to open the Internet up to unlimited Top Level Domains.. these are things like .com, .net, .org. etc.

They say that it will allow for a much richer Internet experience, but all it will really do is put more money in ICANN’s pocket and put Billions into the pockets of registrars, while making the Internet less secure as demonstrated in the intro to this video.

How do I know this?  Because last year ICANN created the .xxx domain and all it did was force places like the University of Kentucky and Nike to register .xxx domains at $200 a pop to stop porn websites from registering their names and and barely any porn websites bothered registering .xxx because it’s too easy to block their sites there.

So, adding the .xxx top level domain was ultimately a disaster, yet ICANN decided to go ahead open up the Internet to even more top level domains. And this past week ICANN disclosed that 1,268 new top level domains will probably happen next year!

Once those domains are in place the Internet will truly become a very scary place as you will not know whether your bank’s website is chase.bank or was it chase.money?  You know what.. to be safe, you should just go to chase.com.. which puts us right back to where we were in the first place!  What a joke!

More links on these new top level domains.

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