Obama and Same-Sex Marriage plus North Carolina!

Fresh off the heels of North Carolina banning same-sex marriage and civil unions, and earlier the vice president stating that he supports same-sex marriage, Obama on Wednesday publicly stated that now he supports same-sex marriage as well.

But with roughly 60% of the vote in favor of the ban in North Carolina, and the fact that the state now joins 30 other states with similar measures.. it appears that same-sex marriage is still a hot topic in America.

Is the timing of Obama’s message a smart thing or will it ultimately hurt him in the upcoming election?

In order to answer that I think we need to see what percentage of Americans are in support of gay marriage and what percentage want it banned.

Recent polls show that 50% of Americans support same-sex marriage while 45% oppose it.  And the opposition number has been decreasing by 2 to 3 percentage points per year since 2004.  So based on those numbers, it appears that Obama has the majority supporting him on this issue.

The problem is that that majority of people may not actually vote… and it’s on Social Issues like Gay Marriage and Abortion that get people off the couch to vote.. so by supporting Gay Marriage, it may make it easier for conservatives to get their voters to the polls come November.

What do you guys think?  Smart move or dumb move by Obama to come out in support of Same Sex Marriage?

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