This week we pop over to Iran for some interesting news.

Last December an American drone crashed in Iran and the Iranians were very excited as the drone appeared to be in almost perfect condition, allowing them to take the drone apart and learn how these highly secretive and very effective military spying machines are constructed and what their capabilities are.

Well, this past Sunday, Iran claims to have extracted secret intelligence from this drone, claiming that it revealed its previous missions to them, including that this particular drone had flown over Bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan prior to him being captured in May of 2011.

Now, this seems highly suspect, as the United States has lots of drones, and it’s very unlikely that this particular one was used in the capture of Bin Laden.

In seemingly unrelated news, Iran this past weekend was forced to shut down its entire oil export infrastructure due to a computer virus somehow being uploaded onto its government computer systems.. similar to the Stuxnet virus that effected its nuclear program in 2010.

The Iranian government is still trying to figure out how that virus was uploaded.

Hmmm.. I wonder if these two stories are somehow related??

Iranians Say They Took Secret Data From Drone

Iranian oil terminal ‘offline’ after ‘malware attack’

Virus Attack Kills Iranian Oil

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