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Pregnant women should not travel to an area of Miami Beach where local Zika virus transmission has been confirmed, the CDC said.

Due to the government’s, in truth, the world’s, slow response to the Zika virus, it is now hastily becoming a problem in the U.S. Five people contracted the virus in Florida, and have since returned to their homes, across the United States.

While it is a good thing that the government is reacting with conclusive results, the fact is, it should not have gotten this far. The issue should have been dealt with when it began. It began and remains an international issue that threatens the world. The consequences, while small percentage wise are still horrific. Just because the effects aren’t as bad as other diseases does not mean it is not the responsibility of this government and other government to protect their people. Gone unhindered, an entire generation can be impacted by the birth defects of such a disease. The threat may not be imminent, but it is still real.


Source: Zika in Miami Beach: CDC tells pregnant women not to go –

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