By outsourcing key intelligence work, the government has made classified material more vulnerable.

Apart from the usual cry that Wikileaks is working for the Russians… this article concludes that the problem is that US outsources much of its intelligence operations to private contractors and that those contractors need to be held accountable for the leaks.

Isn’t the Washington Post a news organization? And don’t news organizations operate through leaks? What kind of conclusion is that?

I prefer the response of one of the commenters:


The reality is, there are so many leaks because CIA and others within the US government are continually committing illegal acts…

Stop illegally storing data, stop illegal wire taps, stop bombing Middle Eastern countries, stop drone killings, stop committing war crimes and stop this modern day equivalent of Manifest destiny!!

Source: Why does WikiLeaks keep publishing U.S. state secrets? Private contractors. – The Washington Post

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