“We’re not spending money on that anymore. We consider that to be a waste of your money.”

The EPA — which would lose about $2.6 billion according to the budget blueprint — would halt much of its work to research climate impacts and limit emissions. The blueprint cuts any funding to enforce the Clean Power Plan, which requires states to reduce carbon emissions and is the cornerstone of America’s pledge to cut emissions under the Paris Climate Agreement.

Trump also wants to cut some of NASA’s Earth-monitoring programs, which provide essential data on the planet’s changing climate. At the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, gone is the Sea Grant program to help coastal communities adapt to rising sea levels and more extreme weather events.

Great, so now the country to take a step back for the next 4 years, or if we’re lucky.. it will only be for 2 years if we can replace the house and senate then.

Source: For once, I promise you won’t believe what the Trump administration said about climate change

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