What Biden Can Learn from Roosevelt’s ‘New Deal’

What President Biden can learn from Franklin Roosevelt’s “New Deal.”

Financial reform, ie: stand up to the private-equity interests that do not serve the interests of the people:

Roosevelt also picked supremely competent people — the wily speculator Joseph P. Kennedy, the brainy James Landis, the fiery young William O. Douglas — to carry out his financial reforms.

The second element missing from the New Deal analogy is eloquent and persistent Democratic advocacy that links Mr. Biden’s accomplishments to what has gone before.

If Roosevelt hadn’t spoken vigorously on behalf of his New Deal, it would never have passed. With his majestic cadences, Roosevelt used his campaign speeches to tell people what he intended to do; then, in office, he repeatedly told them what he had done and what more remained to be done. He sold his New Deal by emphasizing how much it was helping ordinary people.

Source: Opinion | What Biden Can Learn from Roosevelt’s ‘New Deal’ – The New York Times

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