What happens to children’s minds and bodies when parents cut out meat, dairy, and eggs.

This article seems a bit propaganda-ish, take this quote:

A 2014 study found that vegans eat 12 percent fewer calories than vegetarians and 20 percent fewer calories than meat-eaters. A lower caloric intake may not be a problem for adults, but active kids need sufficient calories to grow and develop. A very active 6-year-old boy, for instance, may need as many as 2,000 calories a day.

Yeah, BUT with the average kid today eating far more calories than they should be eating, and childhood obesity levels higher than ever before, a 12-20% less calorie intake would probably bring that kid to a level that is actually healthy! It’s all in the wording, and this article does a poor job of presenting its argument.

Source: Vegan preschools now exist. Do kids on vegan diets get enough nutrition?

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