David Pemsel, chief executive of Guardian Media Group, says newspaper is undertaking testing of pop-up message asking readers to switch off ad-blockers

The numbers are as high as 25% of readers in some areas. The Guardian doesn’t charge you to access their website, unlike sites like the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal. The Guardian is supported by ads, so you would think readers would be fine with seeing the ads, but the proliferation of ad blocking software means that a large percentage of readers want the content for free with no ads.

So what is the problem? Are the ads that intrusive? And what is the solution? Do readers want their ads to be hurried in the content? Like product placement ads? “News Stories” that are simply ads disguised as news? Unfortunately, if as blockers continue to grow, that might be what we end up with. Hmmmm.

Source: Guardian to consider preventing access to content if ad-blocking proliferates | Media | The Guardian

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