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Hundreds of thousands of Syrians are in dire need of aid, with the situation especially acute in Aleppo, but the official said not a single relief convoy had been dispatched so far in August.

It is expected for war to bring about hardship and horror, but in this war, if the current allies are fighting for the future of the people who inhabit/ inhabited Syria, then humanitarian aid must be given, despite the backdrop. If life is truly what we are fighting for, then the civilians caught in the crossfire must receive help. It is as much the duty of those fighting this war, to provide aid to those in need as it is to fight insurgents.  It is a war for life, to defend it. The civilians need to be defended for this war to retain its purpose and value, and the best defense for them right now, is aid.


Source: U.N. Relief Official Calls Crisis in Aleppo the ‘Apex of Horror’

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