The Investigatory Powers Bill, dubbed the “Snoopers’ Charter” by critics, will hand British police and spy agencies new powers to hack computers and access vast troves of private data.

“Every citizen will have their internet activity — the apps they use, the communications they send, and to who — logged for 12 months,” says Eric King, a privacy expert and former director of Don’t Spy On Us, a coalition of leading British human rights groups that campaigns against mass surveillance.

[taq]There is no other democracy in the world, possibly no other country in the world, doing this.[/taq]

This is scary stuff.. it means that the government can pick any random person and by looking at their past Internet behavior, construct pretty much any crime they’d like to accuse the person of.

This is one of the first steps towards creating a dictatorship, absolute surveilance. Watch out!

Source: U.K. Parliament Approves Unprecedented New Hacking and Surveillance Powers

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