Facebook has been getting a bad rep lately for a lot of different things, but there’s one you can fix yourself today by installing one simple app.

When Trump got elected, Democrats around the US didn’t see anyone celebrating on social media, even though almost half the country voted for him — simply because it all got filtered out.

The problem with getting your news from Facebook is that Facebook is so busy creating algorithms to make sure you only see stuff you like or want to see, it ends up filtering out anything that contradicts your viewpoints. This creates a bubble where your view of the world is inaccurate and unrealistic.

This is why so many people were shocked that  Donald Trump won, why so many people in the U.K. we’re shocked at the Brexit vote, and it’s why things will continue to go in directions not expected by people because, if your world online exists primarily on Facebook, then you think everyone thinks like you, which is wrong. They don’t.

Source: Step out of your Facebook echo chamber with this simple app

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