Mr. Trump is far better than any other candidate — maybe any candidate ever — at drawing attention without having to advertise for it.

The New York Times is reporting that Trump is “trumping” the competition with $1.9 Billion in FREE media coverage, with Hilary a distant second at $746 Million and Sanders with a measly $321 Million.

Here are some of their charts:


Here is how much each candidate has spent for media coverage so far:


And here is a monthly chart showing how Trump is growing exponentially vs. the others.


Since there is “no such thing as bad publicity,” as the expression goes, and with the heads of networks expressing how much they LOVE Trump, even if it’s bad for the country, it’s great for [our company– with all of their reporting, even if it’s under the “guise” of reporting how “bad a person Trump is”, it will be a wonder if our media doesn’t just hand the Presidency over to Trump.

Source: Measuring Donald Trump’s Mammoth Advantage in Free Media – The New York Times

2 thoughts on “Trump has been given $1.9 Billion in free press coverage so far

  1. The question (one of the questions) is: Knowing glaringly well, now, what we know about MSM, and its heaping desire for ratings and servitude to the elites, will there be a shift away from MSM viewing in America? Are we addicted? Will the internet change this?

    1. The problem with the Internet is that people end up going to sites that only agree with what they think and they oftentimes don’t end up getting any contrary opinions about things.. so it hasn’t been the almighty democratizer of ideas yet.

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