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Russia isn’t just pushing its interests. It is advocating a new, anti-liberal worldview.

While it is true that this new idea of “orderism,” if left unchecked, can culminate in oppression, it is also true that liberal democracy has faults that could result in anarchy. In earnest, no political ideology is perfect. The U.S. operates under a democratic republic, specifically created to ward off the negative aspects of true democracy.

What is striking, though, is how compatible orderism is with the attitudes of many voters in the United States and Europe. Donald J. Trump’s campaign boils down to a promise of tough order.

It is within the parameters of a democracy that people are able to vote in the way that they do, even if that is towards a more “orderly” government. The fact is, people are afraid of another spread of an ideology they do not agree with, just as they were afraid of the spread of communism in the past. The result of that fear was mass chaos.

Whether orderism (contained, that is) is good or bad is up for debate. What people should understand is that in spite of a surge of another ideology, artificial or real, the backlash should not be fear and chaos, because at the end of the day, all ideologies have their positives and their negatives.


Democracy, not orderism ( or any other ideology for that matter) has allowed for the rise of Donald Trump.

Source: The New Ideology of the New Cold War – The New York Times

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