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Obama also challenged Republican leaders to stand up to Trump, saying their condemnations “ring hollow” so long as they still pledge to vote for him.

Almost everyday there is one more article about either what Trump said/did or how bad of a candidate he is. In truth, everyone has been aware of Trump’s presidential acumen from the beginning. Even his own party knew how volatile of candidate he was. The Grand Old Party ( Republican Party ) knows that if Trump becomes president, they will be destroyed.

Even so, Trump, being the Republican nominee, should, in a perfectly rational world ( though ironically, he wouldn’t be a candidate in a rational world) all but guarantee Clinton her nomination as President.


The GOP nominee faced strong criticism from a bipartisan group of decorated combat veterans, members of Congress and family members of slain soldiers. A particularly lengthy and impassioned rebuke came from Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain, who was a prisoner of war in Vietnam.


This is interesting because what tends to typically unite a nation is war. In a sense the U.S. is in a war with itself– not exactly a civil war, because that in definition is a division of people– but a war for the sake of its future. It’s a theoretical and moral war for preservation and social evolution.

Source: Obama: Trump is ‘unfit to serve as president’

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