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Syriac Catholic Archbishop of Hassaké-Nisibi.

Interview with the Syriac Catholic Archbishop of HassakéNisibi (northeastern Syria), Mgr Jacques Behnan Hindo, who speaks about the daily fears and anxieties they experience. He criticizes the position of several Western countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom and France in the Syrian conflict. For him, the commitment of the rebels from abroad is contrary to the interests of the Syrian people and should not be supported by international powers.  He is critical of the “fake humanitarian sentiment” of John Kerry and Laurent Fabuis. Full interview in French here.

What Archbishop Jacques Behnan Hindo says makes so much sense. This interview is from 2013 and then he was still optimistic that things could get better. They’ve only gotten worse.

In an updated interview from 2016, the Archbishop remains critical, he stated that:

The path that led the US administration to recognizing the violence perpetrated by the Islamic State on Christians as “genocide”, is “a geopolitical operation” that “exploits the category of genocide for their own interests”


“the proclamation of genocide is accomplished by pointing the spotlight on Daesh and censoring all the complicity and historical and political processes that led to the creation of the jihadist monster, since the war waged in Afghanistan against the Soviets by supporting armed Islamist groups. One wants to erase all the strange factors that led to the sudden and abnormal emergence of Daesh. While only until recently, there was even Turkish and Saudi pressure – US allied Countries – so that jihadists of al-Nusra Front would take their distance from al Qaida network, in order to be classified and maybe even helped by the West as ‘moderate rebels …’ “

Source: Syriac Catholic Archbishop Critical of Western position in Syrian Conflict. – Website of orontes!

Source: Syrian Catholic Bishop: the declaration of the USA on the “genocide of Christians” is “an instrumental geopolitics operation”

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