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One of two suspects in a church attack that left a priest dead in northern France was known to anti-terror authorities, a French prosecutor said Tuesday.

France has suffered three terror attacks since November, with each introducing fear to a new part of an individual’s life. What is reprehensible about this attack is that it was aimed at a house of worship, where the essence of people’s hopes lie. Regardless of the fact that religions differ, there should at least be respect for the notion of religion, because the fact is religion, no matter its teaching, manifests people’s hopes. People believe in their religion because believing gives them purpose, peace, and direction. To take away those factors from another human being is far worse than just instigating fear. It means that the doer not only has no regard for human life, but that he/she also does not understand nor appreciate the purpose of religion. Without regard for the sanctity of religion, how can they claim a religion, whatever it may be, to be the purpose of their fight?

The irony is that by attacking innocent people in the name of their religion ( Islam), they are actually simultaneously attacking people of their own faith.

It is as terrible to those who follow Islam in its truth, as it is to anyone who has been impacted, because it butchers their way of life and hurts them.

Source: Hollande: French church attacked ‘in name of’ ISIS –

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