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The threat of overpopulation might be a myth?

Source: Overpopulation – The Human Explosion Explained – YouTube

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4 thoughts on “Overpopulation – The Human Explosion Explained

  1. Interesting points made. But what is a sustainable total population? 12B figure is mentioned at the end of the presentation, however there are those who say that our present population is outstripping resources. I think that more needs to be figured into the overall analysis.

    1. I think most of the constraints are due to political reasons and corrupt governments. I’ve read that the amount of food thrown away could fully feed the starving population.. so if we’re throwing that amount of good food out then we are probably not hitting the upper limits of food production, so who knows?

      1. Not sure that i understand fully what is meant by food thrown away….we all throw food away after a short while. However, i learned a farming term on my trip to Kansas over the holidays. Although the family farm reported high yields this summer regarding their wheat crop, I heard them say that prices were super low, that there were not enough buyers for all the wheat produced and that because the silos were all full wheat was “thrown on the ground”. What i saw was wheat that had been unloaded on the ground, at least two floors high and possibly a hundred yards long tightly covered by tarp….which i learned was a customary procedure. It made me think “How could there not be a market for all this wheat? Bread and pasta products are used everywhere.” However, this wheat only has a short shelf life…so to speak. So, yes, who knows the upper limits of farming production. I suppose that we have a definite problem with distribution. Regardless, i am not sure what life with another 4 billion people on this earth will look like or whether I look forward to that time.

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