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He did not specifically detail how he would suggest determining if any American Muslims are threats, but said there was a way to do preventative intelligence collection without infringing on civil liberties.

There are already steps in place in screening refugees or anyone coming into the United States. In truth, screening Syrian refugees or anyone from that region of the world is more stringent. The reality is that no system is perfect and perpetuating fear and hatred against a whole group of people based on the actions of some, will hurt, divide, and eventually destroy this country. An imperfect system does not justify inhumane behavior.


“This is not about targeting a particular religion or targeting people who practice in a particular way,” he added during the Facebook live session. “This is about looking for certain characteristics that we have learned painfully time after time involve killing people, involve attacks on our civilization.”

In the abstract Mr. Gingrich’s explanation of his plan is not completely insane, but to try to implement something like that entails hurting and endangering the lives of many people who have no business in hurting others, but are merely stuck in the stereotypes their “brothers” have created and perpetuated through action.


Source: Newt Gingrich Explains His Calls to ‘Test’ Muslims in America

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