Just last month, the world met an 86-year-old Republican woman who would not be able to vote in North Carolina’s election because the state’s new voter ID law doesn’t accommodate the discrepancy between birth certificate and married names. Now there is another group of people being disenfranchised because of the law: students.

UNC-Chapel Hill senior William Foo was easily able to vote in 2012 for president, but this year he was forced to cast a provisional ballot that may not count. It’s because his driver’s license is from Pennsylvania. His address on the license doesn’t match the address on his voter registration.

Of course a birth certificate’s last name would not match a married woman’s last name on her driver’s license, and now students can’t vote while living away at school.

There is no voter fraud problem, this is simply a way to limit people voting.

Source: NC’s new voter ID law sows chaos for students: ‘I don’t even know if my vote counts’

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