Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat and other companies are said to be in the process of making their apps more secure as a direct result of the FBI’s public battle with Apple. For example, WhatsApp now has plans to encrypt its voice calling feature in addition to text messaging. Facebook is also said to be considering a big security upgrade for its popular messaging app.

In other words, because the FBI is fighting so publicly for a means to bypass device security, software companies are now making it their mission to protect users’ data more securely than ever before. What does that mean for the FBI? Even if it can force smartphone vendors to unlock phones in the future, it might be next to impossible to recover any data from the key apps contained on the phones.

What’s ironic is that the FBI probably already had the necessary tools the break into the phone prior to all this.

Source: FBI Vs Apple: Encryption strengthening thanks to FBI fight over iPhone | BGR

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