House Democrats promise to handcuff their own agenda.

…by resurrecting the “pay-go” rule that mandates all new spending is offset with budget cuts or tax increases.

Along the way, she is playing into the hands of Republican strategists eager to warn voters that Democrats’ top priority is raising taxes.

Is she a Republican? The federal government doesn’t fund its expenditures with taxes. It spends the money first (creating it) and only taxes some of it back. If it taxes it ALL back then the net result is NOTHING. Zero. She would literally starve one aspect of the economy to fund another part, and guess who’s not giving up their own money to do that? That’s right, rich people. So by insisting on “pay-go” she’s assuring that Democrats will get NOTHING done if they get back in power.

Source: Nancy Pelosi Promises That Democrats Will Handcuff the Democratic Agenda If They Retake the House

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