Student debt is big business for the banks, and it’s fucking us all over.

This article is so depressing. It’s high time people wake up to what is happening to us all and put a stop to it.

Research commissioned by the Sutton Trust in 2014 tells us that most citizens will still be paying back loans from their student era into their 40s and 50s, and many will never clear these debts. So, putting that another way, if you accept the concept of student debt as the new social indenture, you are, in all probability, in a long-term, flatlining economy, signing up to be in indebted servitude all your life, simply through enrolling in college.

Source: How the Banks Stole Higher Education | VICE | United States

One thought on “How the Banks Stole Higher Education | VICE

  1. Yeah, my education is the house I’ll never have; yet the teaching job I had wouldn’t EVER come close to paying for the debt or even giving me full-time or health insurance. It’s a scam – and people can’t CONCEIVE of thinking that any institution of Education would scam people over. And I also saw (after teaching for ten years) the cost of of Education go up, while the quality greatly suffered. I mean, if students complain about you (for making them ‘take too many notes’ (for example), then you have to go defend yourself to a chair or admin, like we’re in customer service or something.

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