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Justice Dept. finds that “legacy of zero tolerance enforcement” continues to drive policing strategy.

Racism in this country has reared its head so many times that it poisons factions of society that should be considered respectful and safe. People should have a positive working relationship with law enforcement because it is there to protect them. Instead, law enforcement discriminates and plays judge and jury based on racial divisions as well as other divisions.

People do not trust those whose true job is to protect and serve, which severely ruins the relationship between not only law enforcement and the public, but also the government and the public. The government has a duty to act when it is needed, and with continuous racism running rampant on the streets of American cities, there should be government reaction.

Only by rebuilding the system to function normally, can the future of all people and communities plagued by brutality be better.

Source: Federal probe finds Baltimore Police Dept. racially discriminated in practices that target blacks – The Washington Post

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