While speaking at the U.K.’s inaugural A.I. Safety Summit last week, serial founder, investor, and CEO Elon Musk predicted that AI would inevitably remove the need for all jobs.

“It’s hard to say exactly what that moment is, but there will come a point where no job is needed,” Musk told U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. “You can have a job if you want to have a job, or sort of personal satisfaction, but the AI will be able to do everything.”

The idea of a “Universal High Income” or just making sure that people’s needs are covered, won’t happen until people understand that the Federal government doesn’t pay for things with the public’s taxes… otherwise you’d be giving people money and taking it right back from them in taxes to pay for it! (That’s not how it works, but most people do not understand that, yet.)

Source: Elon Musk says AI will remove need for jobs and create ‘universal high income.’ But workers don’t want to wait for robots to get financial relief

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