What if your city council member was essentially a robot whose every decision you and your fellow citizens voted for by phone?

Some good suggestions in this article of using technology to start the process of eliminating politicians altogether.

As the author sums up the piece:

What I do know: our system is broken. Voters crave transparency, an end to political photo-ops, an end to the influence of television, of Facebook, a way to flush the lobbyists out of Washington and drag the cash out of politicians’ pockets. As a citizenry, we hold relatively little power to destroy lobbying; to reform pay-to-play; to transform the media industries; re-engineer Facebook, or temper the bad behavior of the wealthy and powerful. But our new technologies also mean that there’s one central component we might have the power to remove from government completely: the politicians.

Source: Could Technology Remove the Politicians From Politics? | Motherboard

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