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A person who was shot at a protest in Charlotte, North Carolina, is in critical condition, the city tweeted.

Amidst the terrors continuously hounding the world today, the United States is still reeling in pain due to a social and moral predicament that is older than the nation itself. Human beings, no matter what race, gender, sexuality, religion and the like, are still human beings. By that very fact, they deserve the same freedoms and rights as everyone else.

The fight for equality is a fight fought by the majority in this country. Everyone is different, and that is what makes this country great. Different people, different pasts, one nation.

The shooting of Keith Lamont Scott is no less painful, and should be no less painful, for this nation, than the previous shootings, because it means that after centuries of immoral action, after years of death, the U.S. still has not learned its lesson.

The key to change is acceptance. Accept your wrongs and then try to make them right. The United States has yet to accept its wrongs– in this matter and in others.

Source: Charlotte protest: One person shot during violence; officer wounded –

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