Think about it… currently we have a Democratic President and the Republicans are doing everything they can to convince their followers that Obama is destroying the country and that things are so bad that there might not be a country left if Obama is elected for 4 more years.  In fact, the Republicans almost appear to be willing to sacrifice the well-being of the country temporarily, if it means getting this guy out of office.

If the Republicans get the Presidency this time around, I’m sure that the Democrats will kick into high gear convincing their followers that the Republicans are destroying the country as well, in preparation for the next election 4 years from now.

With campaigning for office taking place every two years (each 4 years for President, and every 2 years for Congressional elections) there is less and less time to actually govern, which means more and more attack ads, more gridlock, and more general unhappiness.

What is the solution?  Would more parties solve the problem?  Perhaps a better voting system where we canpick our favorite candidate followed by our next favorite until we end up electing someone that both sides end up liking?  I don’t know.

It would be nice if we could come together as a country and actually be happy with ourselves, but that never seems to happen unless there is a war going on, and that is certainly NOT the answer!

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