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In little noticed comments last week, Hillary Clinton suggested that the US should start preparing “military” responses to cyber-attacks allegedly perpetrated by Russia on the DNC and voter registration files. And her campaign has also spent the last few weeks ratcheting up the fear-mongering that the Trump campaign is secretly a Russian plant of some sort.

Increasing military tensions with Russia is now a bipartisan issue. Republicans not named Donald Trump spent much of the primary earlier this year calling for a no-fly zone – a certain path to war – in Syria and were perfectly willing to shoot down Russian planes over the region, despite the real possibility of starting world war three.

Meanwhile, House Democrats recently called on the FBI to “investigate” unknown links between the Trump campaign and Russia, seemingly unaware of the historical analogies (and the irony) of calling for a government investigation into their political enemies. Trump is a menace and a buffoon in countless ways, but the idea that he is secretly doing secretly Putin’s bidding is beyond absurd.

Hillary Clinton, and both republicans (except for Trump) and democrats, seem hell-bent on going to war with Russia. The only ones not wanting to start a war with Russia are Obama and Trump!

It’s an odd world we live in when Obama and Trump, two polar opposites, are the only sane people when it comes to this issue!

Source: Almost everyone gets Russia wrong – apart from Obama | Trevor Timm | Opinion | The Guardian

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