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The Yes Men are back with a new hoax – a parody WaPo article about Trump resigning from office in May 2019. They also pitched 64 bills that they believed the Democrats would propose.

Pranksters distributed fabricated copies of the Washington Post newspaper to commuters in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday depicting the removal of President Donald Trump from office.

The left-wing performative activist group “The Yes Men,” who frequently craft elaborate hoaxes and pranks, were behind the fake Washington Post papers, which activists handed out at D.C.’s Union Station and the Farragut North Metro station in downtown Washington.The Yes Men, along with activist trickster L.A. Kauffman and author Onnesha Roychoudhuri, created the fake paper and the stories on its accompanying website meant to look like the Post’s own site. The fake website also linked to the Washington Post in the “About Us” and “Contact the Post” sections. The newspaper twisted the Post’s slogan “Democracy Dies in Darkness” to read “Democracy Awakens in Action” and featured false articles about Trump’s removal from office, the swearing-in of Vice President Mike Pence, and crediting the #MeToo movement and other activism with his ouster.

Source: Activists hand out fake Washington Post newspapers at D.C. locations – Business Insider

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