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There are so many things to deplore about Trump’s recent attacks on Curiel it is difficult to know where to begin. Trump has asserted that Curiel is unfit to hear two lawsuits against the now-defunct Trump University because “he’s a Mexican” (false—Curiel was born in Indiana)—and thus probably biased against Trump’s plan to “build a wall” on the Mexican border. Trump has also suggested that any judge of Mexican, or of Muslim, heritage would be biased against him. He has declared that he’s “getting railroaded” by a “rigged” legal system and suggested he “will come back in November” to change things.

Source: Why Trump’s Assault on the Judiciary Is the Most Dangerous Thing He’s Done – POLITICO Magazine


Does Trump really think he can lead the world’s superpower by being a close-minded ignorant racist? From his temper tantrums to his ambiguous responses, it is clear that America is doomed.

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