Approximately US$440 billion in Troika loans over a five year period was given to Greece. But who is beneftting from the US$440 billion bailout?The US$440 billion in Troika loans—and thus Greek debt—has not been employed to benefit the Greek people, or to help the Greek economy recover from its eight years of depression; it has gone to pay the principle and interest on previous Troika debt, as that debt has been piled on prior debt in order to pay for previous debt

A recent 2016 released study has revealed conclusively where all the interest and principal payments on the US$440 billion debt has gone. It has gone directly to European bankers and investors, and to the Troika institutions of the EC, ECB, and IMF, who indirectly in turn recycle it back to private bankers and investors.

According to the White Paper (WP-16-02) published by the European School of Management and Technology, ESMT, this past spring 2016, entitled “Where Did the Greek Bailout Money Go?”, more than 95 percent initial Troika loans to Greece went to pay principal and interest on prior Troika loans, or to bailout Greek private banks (owned by other Euro banks or indebted to them), or to pay off European private investors and speculators. Less than 10 billion euros was actually spent in Greece.

Of the $440B in “bailout” loans, 95% went to European banks and private investors. The Greeks got more debt piled on top of them and they are now losing all of their public assets, land, everything, to service all of this new debt. It’s a form of financial warfare.

How to take over a country and seize all its assets without firing a bullet.

Nice, because the Greek people are so impoverished and just trying to survive, they don’t realize they’ve just been taken over by private foreign entities. Even the IMF is embarrassed by its own involvement in this takeover.

Source: Who Profited From The Greek $440 Billion Bailout – TruePublica

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