What You Might See if Vehicular Harassment is Occurring

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Gangstalking – It’s become a word linked with crazy people who also believe in electronic zapping and such. How much of those blogs are created to make anyone who mentions a smoke and mirrors type of stalking to be nuts, looney, crazy? This is how it is done and it’s smoke and mirrors people, smoke and mirrors.

  • There are apps available that allow groups to keep in contact. I have looked them up. Plus, Amber Alert type messages can be used to alert harassers via cell phones as to the location of a target/survivor
  • The main tactics used involve harassers driving cars around where the target might be.
  • The driving tactics make it appear as if the harassers are working in tandem, but they use opportunities presented by another harasser being around or even might use the movements of a normal driver to make a typical driving move.
  • All of the typical moves that a harasser might use are seen under normal traffic conditions. The number of cars around and frequency of the occurrence of typical “brighting” moves are what makes up a case of vehicular harassment.
  • More cars than usual will have one taillight out, one brake light out, one headlight out, etc. It is not at all difficult to actually rig a car to give the driver the capability to do this trick. I have helped run fog lamps for a car, and adding a switch to turn on the foglamps. Many cars come with set spaces to add figures. Also, it would not be difficult at all to put a switch under the dash. Here is an example: A car with one headlight on and one off went into a Safeway parking lot. While in the lot, the driver flipped a switch and the headlights looked normal. While going to pick up my daughter from San Francisco Airport, there was a big truck behind me with one headlight out. I made a movement with my hand to indicate flipping a switch. The headlight was turned on. Smoke and mirrors.
  • The same type of thing can be done with brighter than normal lights – often on one side.
  • Some driving tactics include: more cars than usual coming towards the survivor’s road from side roads, cars on the sides of the road – some with hazard lights on. Many more cars than usual on the road making swift right turns (or laboriously slow turns) and quick turns right in front of the survivor’s car. Cars in parking lots with lights shining on the road the survivor will drive on. Cars can be seen pulling out as in tandem. Movement of opportunity. A harasser can even coordinate this movement with someone not participating in the harassment.
  • When driving through a section of streets it can seem magical that other cars on parallel streets pass through so you can see them to the side. If you have GPS on it’s really easy. If you have privacy off and Wi fi turned off, it is a matter of numbers and luck or timing.
  • Number of cars that are different will be around. Like the 79’s fushia truck with a bright white cab from a Petaluma business. Or the green truck – like a farm truck with a silver flat bed. Cars with some flames painted on.
  • Plates – I think some people hang on to the paper dealer plates to use for this activity. An older car can have these dealer plates. I saw an obviously homemade plate used by an elderly couple who turned off Sonoma Mountain – a few months back. I saw a dealer plate yesterday. Does the dealer know or was that the dealer?
  • .Many nicer than normal cars for the area. I was sitting in a Safeway parking lot with a friend. She took note of how many fancy cars there were in Petaluma right then. I have also seen a high number of really, really old cars. I think there may be some of these harassers who keep old cars or actually go and find one to keep
  • Three cars in the three lanes behind you at a distance looks like magic. Not! Just drive and line up and Voila. There you have it. Try doing it yourself. The other cars are behind you. Looks menacing right? Not anymore. I now sometimes really like being in the middle of the swarm behind and swarm ahead.
  • Creepy is how easily people buy into this “fight for right” with whatever they have been told about you. My mind boggles when I think that people can just get one of these alerts and that is all they need to buy into this illegal activity. Check out CA law and Civil Rights law
  • I’ll keep adding on


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