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… you might think that there’s nothing that could derail [Hillary’s] campaign. But there is. It may be a long shot, but it’s definitely something Sanders supporters have been praying for as a last-minute Hail Mary: an indictment from the FBI over the private email server Clinton used while secretary of state. The FBI is currently investigating the matter, and if they find evidence that she broke the Espionage Act, they could prosecute.

But, Bernie Sanders fans shouldn’t get their hopes up. There is nothing that requires Hillary to drop out of the race even if indicted, so it looks like it’s Hillary no matter what.

Source: What Happens If Hillary Clinton Is Indicted? Bernie Sanders Might Not Benefit | Bustle

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Yeah, that would be fucking brilliant. Run the candidate under FBI indictment rather than the guy who beats Trump by double digits. Clinton trolls are so stupid you can’t even put a number on it.


Strange times indeed.


Biff is my friend, sort of.


Donald Trump was in Bangor, Maine today. interesting, i suppose!