With the Presidential election only weeks away, I’ve been asking a few friends if they’ve registered to vote, and you’d be surprised how often I hear the following response:

“Um.. I’m not gonna vote.”

“No.. I’m not thrilled with either candidate”

“Both candidates are the same anyway”

“Screw ‘em.. neither one deserves my vote.”

Oh really?

While I completely understand where they are coming from in that each candidate may not be the optimal person to lead this country, these candidates are NOT the same and if you don’t vote, you will let a few IDIOTS…. there I said it.. actually a few STUPID PEOPLE or people that are completely oblivious to what’s going on in the word will decide the fate of your country for years, if not decades to come.

Since 1932, only around half of eligible voters in the United States vote.  Most of the other half don’t bother because they just don’t care… And the remaining 8% or so are people that say they are quote “undecided”.

Undecided?  You’re telling me that with all the information provided this past year these people can’t decide which President they like better?

Either they are completely in the dark as to what’s going on around them or they are just plain stupid – but either way, they should NOT be the ones determining the wellbeing of 300 million Americans… But that is exactly what is going on here.. It’s the quote “undecideds” that will “decide” who your next president is.

That’s the segment of the population that these billions of dollars are being spent on to try to convince them to vote for one candidate over another.. This is money that could be better spent in schools or feeding families but instead is being wasted on a few stupid people and those people will determine your future.

Unless you get off your ass and vote.

The rest of us have a brain, and are able to look at each candidate and weigh the pluses and minus to arrive at a conclusion as to who will do better a better job for us and the country vs. the other candidate.

Whether you are voting for Romney or Obama, in the immortal words of Samuel L. Jackson.. Wake the Fuck up and Vote!

Register to Vote!

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