This week we talk about something that is so fundamental to democracy that without it you do not have a democracy, and that is the ability of a country’s citizens to vote. Yet this process is being attacked in this country under the guise of preventing “voter fraud”.

What’s really going is an attempt by one political party to prevent as many people from the other political party from voting.

Tennessee just passed a law requiring all voters to show a government issued photo ID and it SPECIFICALLY excludes student IDs.

Pennsylvania is about to pass a similar law denying student IDs, even though faculty can use them. In Wisconsin, students cannot use their college as their residence to vote.

All of these laws are designed to do one thing and one thing only, limit the number of students voting.

But why would you do that? Because in 2008 students overwhelmingly voted for Barack Obama.

But aren’t these laws are designed to prevent voter fraud?

Well, out of hundreds of million votes cast since the year 2000, guess how many examples of voter fraud actually occurred?

There were 10. Out of hundreds of millions of votes, 10.

And you know why that number is so small? It’s because If a person commits voter fraud in the US, the fine is $10,000 and 5 years in jail.

So, voter fraud essentially does not exist.

Then why the new laws?

Because approximately 23 million American’s do not have photo-IDs and African Americans are 4-5 times as likely to NOT have one vs. Whites.

And who are African Americans more likely to vote for? That’s right.. Barack Hussein Obama.

So that, my friends, is EXACTLY what these voter ID laws are about, and nothing else. Period.

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