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The good people at L.A. – based ADSAUSAGE have compiled a handsome collection of covers from alternative weekly newspaper, the L.A. Free Press.

Published by Art Kunkin from 1964 to 1978, the L.A. Free Press was the city’s primary source of underground news, covering everything from; ‘West Coast militant anti-draft movements’, ‘FBI Scandals’, ‘Charles Manson’ and an abundance of regional coverage, ‘What’s happening on Fairfax’ (where the Free Press had a bookstore).

It wasn’t all paranoia and police busts. The “Freep” as it was also known, had a wealth of timeless ads for clubs (‘Whisky’, ‘Middle Earth’), bands (‘T.Rex and The Doobie Brothers at the Long Beach Auditorium’), underground film (‘Warhol at the Cinematheque-16’) and adults-only clubs – many of which were recently curated and digitized by ADSAUSAGE.

Feel free to gently peruse the covers over here.

L.A. Free Press
L.A. Free Press. December 1972

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