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We're an app and a TV show

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We're an app and a TV show

Your government decides that eating genetically engineered salmon is perfectly safe AND they don't want you to even know about it?

The politician proposing that law gets his money from the food industry? Does something seem fishy here? (Pun intended!)

Of course!

Enter the Underground Network! We're here to let you know about this stuff and then actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

By keeping an eye out for potential conflicts of interest, we can keep our politicians in check, and by pointing cameras at them, you'll be able to see it all. That's what our app and TV show are about.

But what about this website?

The website is about keeping an eye on our news media. It's hard to maintain a democracy if your news organizations don't keep an eye on what the government is doing. This means keeping us informed as well as not taking at face-value what the government tells us.

Underground Network will attempt to keep an eye on our news media to see if they are doing their job as well.