Not only has America failed to reduce the number of mass shootings, we can’t even agree on what a ‘mass shooting’ is.

Depending on how you define mass shootings, if you just keep the statistic to shootings involving 4 people or more getting shot, not including the shooter, the US has already had 91 mass shootings since the start of the year, up 37% from 2015. If you include the shooter, then we’ve had 122 mass shootings since the start of the year. If you require all 4 victims to die, then we’ve only had 1 mass shooting this year.

You would think anyone getting shot would make them a shooting victim, which would make the 91 or 122 incidents more accurate.. but others would like you to die to be considered a gun shot victim.

Interesting how interpretation of statistics can drastically change the whole outlook on something.

Source: Most Americans no longer think Trump keeps his promises

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