The Government is under pressure to allow MPs to disclose sensitive information on one of the most secretive trade deals ever negotiated. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a proposed US-EU trade deal for which negotiations have largely taken place behind closed doors. The Centre for Economic Policy Research estimated annual trade gains of up to €119bn (£92.8bn) for the EU and €95bn (£74.1bn) for the US. But critics believe TTIP would see US companies winning swathes of health contracts – in effect, privatising the NHS, which ministers deny.

As a commenter over at Reddit stated:

“I just don’t understand how something that will have a effect on everyone in a country has to be kept so secret from everyone in the country.
It’s so blatantly obvious that something sinister is going on it’s unbelievable, this is not how democratic countries are supposed to work, but hey, as if any of the countries are actually democratic these days.”

Source: TTIP: secrecy around talks is ‘profoundly undemocratic’, MPs say | Business News | News | The Independent

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